Class Proxima - Turn your classroom cameras into pedagogical data
Turn your classroom cameras into data

Automated support for the observation of children

In the early years, each child has a different developmental trajectory and specific learning needs at a given moment. However, addressing those needs at the right moment requires a deep understanding of each child's personal trajectory along various developmental axis. Our technology scans the classroom in real-time to extract information regarding social, emotional, physical activities and milestones - allowing the customisation of learning when it matters most.

First 6 years are crucial

First 6 years of life are fundamental determinants of lifelong success and outcomes. 90% of brain develops in this period. Yet, this is the only period where we do not assess the development and the learning of children.

Parents need information

New generation of parents prefer to be deeply involved with their childrens' development. They need information to understand how they can assist their children's learning. Today, only a fragment of preschools are able to inform parents in a consistent and reliable way.

Teachers' hands are already full

Teaching at pre-school level is very demanding. Much as teachers are trying hard to keep up with every little detail in a pre-school classroom, it is very hard to keep track of where each child is on a given specific dimension of learning.